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Reynolda, in Winston-Salem, N.C., is a rare gem among the nation’s cultural arts institutions and historic greenspaces. The 53-year-old museum at the center of Reynolda’s 170 acres, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, presents a renowned art collection in a historic and incomparable setting. The Reynolda experience includes taking in world-class art exhibitions, exploring lush formal gardens, nature trails, and even a waterfall at Reynolda Gardens, which are always free.

Reynolda Revealed provides the full story of the historic Reynolda estate in Winston-Salem, N.C using archival oral history footage featuring Reynolds descendants, relatives, and estate employees, and their children recalling anecdotes of life in the South during the early half of the 20th century.

  • Who was R.J. Reynolds?

    Episode 1

    Richard Joshua Reynolds was born in 1850 on a large tobacco plantation in Patrick County, Virginia. Reynolds began manufacturing tobacco in 1873, first in a log cabin on the plantation and then in the upstart country village of Winston, North Carolina, population 443. He was primarily attracted t...

  • Who was Katherine Reynolds?

    Episode 2

    “She’s gonna do what she thought. She was the first feminist I ever heard of. I mean, she was, she had an opinion and she expressed it.” This opinion, expressed by Zachary Smith, aptly describes his aunt and the wife of tobacco baron R.J. Reynolds. Katharine Smith, the oldest of seven children, w...

  • Five Row

    Episode 3

    The segregated community of Five Row, so named because it originally consisted of a row of five houses, was home to Reynolda's African American farm workers and their families.

  • Who was R.J. Reynolds? *Trailer*