Instruction & Education

Instruction & Education

Instruction & Education
  • Sawtooth: Slow Stitching

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    This class will cover the basics of slow stitching and mindful embroidery, guiding you through the basics of making a piece of textile art while learning how stitching and textile work can be a mindfulness practice. Slow stitching is a soothing practice to incorporate into self care and is access...

  • Sawtooth: Preparing & Testing Wild Clay

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    Join us for an exciting new series of online digital classes created by Sawtooth instructors and staff. This introductory online class will focus on the possibilities of using raw clay dug straight from the earth to make a workable clay for hand building, wheel throwing, or sculptural application...

  • Soda Bottle Fruit

    Soda Bottle Fruit : Artist, Sarah A. Band turns old soda bottles into fruit.

    About Statement:
    In order to describe my work, I should first describe myself. I am a child of physicists, who grew up in San Francisco’s Bay Area during the height of the Silicon Valley technological boom. Science, in...

  • Flameworked Heart

    Flameworked Heart : Artist, Sarah A. Band