Authoring Action!

Authoring Action!

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Authoring Action is a non-profit organization that offers year-round youth programs and community services/workshops - created to engage youth and to train staff that work with youth.
The programming is devoted to building youth as authors, community leaders and advocates for social change - redefining learning through the arts and supporting stronger communities. As a literary and performance arts organization for teens ages 13–17, the group creates opportunities for participation in the arts for youth who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to discover their authentic voices through artistic development and/or who may lack one or more critical support systems.

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Authoring Action!
  • Authoring Action : Evolve Trailer

    Episode 1

    Authoring Action's 20th Summer Intensive - Evolve Ensemble
    Watch the full video here:

  • Authoring Action : Evolve

    Episode 2

    Authoring Action celebrates it's 20th Anniversary with the class of 2021's Commencement - Evolve Ensemble

    Evolve, elevate, Evolve, rejuvenate, Evolve regenerate. Authoring Action's 2021 Evolve Ensemble is an ode to the epics, the rise and fall and celebration of it all ... Our Lives.

  • Tempest

    Episode 3

    Authoring Action presents - Tempest from the 2018 Summer Intensives Commencement at SECCA

  • Phoenix

    Episode 4

    Trauma & Transformation was the theme for the Authoring Action 2017 Summer Intensive Commencement and the teens of the Phoenix Ensemble created a truly dynamic production that is both heartbreaking and inspirational.

  • Tapestry

    Episode 5

    Authoring Action presents - Tapestry from the 2016 Summer Intensives Performance at SECCA.